Planning to build your next home from scratch? You’ve come to the right place. At Compose Construction, we are qualified residential builders in Tauranga that specialise in renovations and new builds. But first, what ideas or designs do you have in mind regarding your new build?

If you’re struggling to source inspiration, don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of 3 new build ideas that could serve as creative inspiration for your new build project.

Let’s get started.  

1) Bungalow 

Although multi-storey houses are definitely the fad, this doesn’t mean that you should always cater to the mainstream. Smaller families or retired homeowners might be interested in bungalow living instead. This is certainly something to consider if you’d rather combine all rooms on one floor, instead of spreading them on multiple floors. 

Plus, as a new build, you can modernise your bungalow with the latest technology and quality materials to ensure that it has a contemporary look and feel that could appeal to future buyers.  

2) Broken Plan 

It’s likely that you’ve heard of the term ‘open plan’ in terms of home layouts, but have you heard of the broken plan living design? In particular, this design is the middle ground between open plan and the standard, separated rooms. 

Rooms are connected for that hint of privacy, but aren’t fully closed off in distinct rooms. This can be done in a multitude of ways, from sliding glass doors to partial walls. As a result, you can expect a little bit of creative freedom in how you incorporate the broken plan design into your new build.  

3) Higher Ceilings 

Tall ceilings offer a luxurious and modern look to any home, which is why you should consider adding this design feature to your new build. Not only does this mean that you can add that grand chandelier, but you also have the opportunity to implement roof windows for maximum natural lighting. 

When it comes to professional residential builders in Tauranga, the Compose Construction team has got you covered. Build the house of your dreams with Compose Construction! Get in touch with us today to begin discussing your new build needs, ideas, and goals.