New Builds

Like just about everyone, you no doubt have a dream home in your mind. An ideal house that is designed just the way you like it, with the layout and fittings perfectly suited to your unique tastes, your specific living needs and your ideal lifestyle, is certainly something worth having.

You want a home where you feel comfortable, cosy and free, where you can build memories and feel safe. A place you can truly call your own because it was built just for you. Your dream home should be tailored to suit you and the kind of life you want to lead - an extension of yourself.

We are professional new home and residential builders in Tauranga, and we can give that kind of home to you.

New Builds
New Builds


While the idea of owning a bespoke dream home seems exciting, many people dread the process of actually going through with new builds in Tauranga. In many cases, new home builds can be stressful and drawn out, with lots of complex things to consider and manage before you eventually get to move in a enjoy the house.

We at Compose Construction aim to make the experience of building a new house as stress-free as possible by providing a complete turnkey service so that you won’t have to worry about a thing.

From the process of designing the house to securing permits to the application of the final coat of paint, we will ensure that it's all taken care of so that you can just enjoy the excitement of seeing your new home become reality before your eyes.

With us, you will look back on the experience of building your home with fondness.


Since we don’t work on more than one or two projects at a time, you can be assured that we will give your new home build our full attention. We take great pride in delivering quality workmanship and excellent service to our clients.

This means that every detail will be carefully and thoughtfully seen to, working hard to meet timelines while not rushing, ensuring that the highest standards of quality are met. 

We will always have time to discuss your concerns and answer your questions, delivering updates every step of the way so that you never feel left out of the loop.

After all, it’s your house we are building, so it’s vital that you be intimately involved in the process!

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House Repair

On top of construction services, we also offer home repairs that include a wide range of services, from painting to tiling to replacing broken components to damp sealing walls, and so much more! No repair job is too big or too small for the team at Compose Construction.

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your dream home and let us show you how we can make it a reality!