Here at Compose Construction, we know how important it is for anyone considering a new residential build to be aware of the current build trends and to know which ones to keep an eye out for. You never know which trends might appeal to you, so we’ve put together this guide. From homes filled with natural light to environmentally friendly houses, here are three building trends you should know about if you’re planning to build a new home.

  1. Sliding glass doors

If you have a garden that you want to make the most of, sliding doors are an ideal feature of your new house. They’re a great way to open up the space and allow you to feel closer to the outdoors. They’re particularly useful on sunny days, as, when they’re open, there’s no barrier between your garden and your home. This means you can enjoy the space with no need to constantly open and close the doors – and on days when the weather isn’t as nice, you’ll still have a fantastic view of your garden. 

  1. Natural light 

Another residential building trend that is becoming increasingly popular involves designing your home in a way that maximises the amount of natural light you can experience throughout the day. This could mean including large windows – perhaps taking up entire walls – to allow as much light into your home as possible. You could also add skylights, so that even rooms directly below a sloping roof can enjoy extra daylight. Natural light is a really effective way to brighten up your home’s interior and make it feel more spacious and welcoming. While some people worry about privacy, this is easily solved with curtains or blinds. 

  1. Eco-friendly homes

With so many people looking for ways to save energy and help the environment, it’s not surprising that eco-friendly homes have become such a widespread trend in residential building. Solar panels and sustainable building materials are staples of this trend, which means that an eco-friendly build is definitely worth considering if sustainability is a priority for you.

If one of these building trends has caught your eye and you’re ready to get started on building your new home, get in touch with us here at Compose Construction. As residential builders in Tauranga, we can make your new home a reality. Visit our website to get a quote or find out more about what we have to offer.